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    1. What we can learn from Louis Pasteur

      What we can learn from Louis Pasteur

      Friday night reading – you know I love breakthrough stories.

      I knew Louis Pasteur was the father of microbiology and known for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, pasteurization, and the causes and prevention of diseases. I knew his discoveries have saved many lives. I didn’t know the sacrifice, the danger and the obstacles he had to overcome:

      • To find the cure for rabies he had to endure working with mad dogs and overcome extreme doubt about the first test injection;
      • He was mocked and ridiculed for suggesting hand washing to prevent infection and the spread of disease. It took 19 years before that practice was widely accepted;
      • One of his colleagues died helping stop the spread of cholera in Egypt, he wrote “he died on the battlefield of science passing through this life with a higher thought to which he sacrificed all else.

      I know most of us aren’t solving such complex problems, yet our obstacles have the same impact on whatever we are trying to accomplish.

      What I learned from Louis is:

      ? Despite his doubts and fears, he continued to take action
      ? Despite the confusion, lack of clarity he kept moving forward
      ? He stepped backed to gain perspective vs becoming overwhelmed
      ? He became resourceful, seeking out the necessary help
      ? He distanced himself from any drama
      ? He stayed focused on his commitments despite his feelings
      ? He developed and refined a growth mindset

      My biggest takeaway is: it is vital you take consistent action in spite of your fears and doubts.


      So How Consistent Are You Right Now?

      So How Consistent Are You Right Now?

      When you are inconsistent, nothing works.?Here’s what I know: agents who are consistently?setting and going on appointments are producing more results, period. These agents are consistent and disciplined in their daily routine of prospecting and marketing.

      Consistency… social media does not work if you are not consistent; geographic farming does not work if you are not consistent; repeat and referral do not work if you are not consistent; open houses do not work if you are inconsistent; online leads do not work if you are not consistent.

      Show me something in your life or business that works when you are inconsistent. Anything you are going to do, the more consistent you are with your mindset, your attitude, your approach, your expectation, your strategy and your tactics the more predictable the result. Bottom line: when you are consistent everything works… when you are inconsistent nothing works.

      So my question is, what have you been inconsistent with? What has that inconsistency cost you financially, cost you emotionally, cost you physically?

      I’d submit the action –? we can all be more consistent in setting and going on more appointments.

      We CANNOT control the market.

      We CAN control ourselves, our thoughts and our actions.

      Next Steps:

      1. Make an appointment setting goal for the next 2 weeks and share it with an accountability partner.

      2. Gather your past client?list, all of your past leads, open house registers and people you know and start making appointments today.

      3. Be CONSISTENT… list the 1, 2 or 3 things that you must do on a consistent basis that will propel your business forward.