Episode 70: Success Superstars - JP & Associates REALTORS?
    1. On this episode of Success Superstars, Coach?Travis Robertson?talks about the top 5 resources that will help you be a more productive REALTOR?.

      Travis and Mark also discuss specific market strategies, analyze the pros and cons of Influence and Control Strategies and break down known stereotypes. Travis provides insightful information on lead gen through Facebook advertisement, Google Ads, Zillow, open houses, and geographic and demographic farming, and how to best strategize best these platforms.

      On this episode, you can learn to evaluate how you are bringing value to your networks and how to best benefit from JPAR’s coaching program to take your business to the next level.

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      “There are expenses, and there’s investment. (…) You can go watch free Youtube videos all day long, but the truth is that free doesn’t get value. At some point, if I want to look at my business as a Business, I have to be willing to invest in myself.” – Travis Robertson,?The Don’t Settle Group